new hardware anthill

There is a new version of VP8 made to be baked into hardware. Cool stuff.


I am pretty sure I don't get mock or mocks whatever the right term is. I just read this post that had what I think is a reasonable example and I am still sure I dont get it. It looks like that the tests don't really do anything. Ah well. Maybe the mock people get it, I don't.

sqlite testing

If you think you found a bug in sqlite... you probably did not. The test like crazy. Very cool stuff.

dont be like me

I generally cannot use nor read anything on the web. Basically I am an idiot.
As proof, when I saw this link Pycon Podcast 1/3: Faster Python Programs through Optimization (Pycon 2009). I thought wow, 1/3 faster... cool. :(

nytimes article on homeowner bailout

Here is a link to the NYTIMES article on the homeowner bailout revealed on Wednesday.
There is a quote from a republican in there

“Does your plan compensate banks for the bad mortgages they should never have made in the first place?” Mr. Boehner asked. “Will individuals who misrepresented their income or assets on their original mortgage application be eligible to get taxpayer-funded assistance?”
So yes the dipshit wants to pay the banks because they made bad mortgages. WTF!!!!
And then in typical republican fashion he of course implies that most of the problem was based on the people who lied to the banks.
What a jerk.

references are addresses

This is a good article about C# and references. The author is trying to explain the difference in references and addresses.
And the problem is that your background as a programmer figures into that description in a non-trivial way. If you are a C/C++ programmer you already have a good idea of what is going on with a reference and you probably have a good mental model of the behind the scenes action.
If you are from Java the situation may not be so clear (neither would pointers be for that matter).
It is an interesting read.

joel and jeff on quality

I am behind a bit but I finally read the transcript from podcast 38 by Joel and Jeff (link here). And I think they are correct.
I work in two worlds, one with so much process nothing gets done and one where there is no process and everything gets done. And I can say with some experience on the matter that unit tests are helpful but they are not the solution to everything. You will end up spending more time keeping the tests up than you will doing the real programming
Ultimately your code needs to work and do what you promised: that is it.


So say if you are running crontab and testing... and you see something like this in /var/log/cron.log RELOAD That means that crond just reloaded you crontab. It does not mean that it is going to run your command yet. When your command is executed you will see a line like this in cron.log CMD (....) So when you are testing do not set your cron to just run the next min. Set it to run every min or at 2 min in advance of the current time. That way crond will load it on the next min and then run it on the min after that. crontab is sneaky like that.

newbs abound

I am pretty sure if you have a tag line of "arrays, What's the point?" you are on a site with people who might not know how/why you program. Which even more proof that stackoverflow is a microsoft hangout... I wonder if that question came from a VB programmer?

why git is better than sex

After looking at this site, it was all I could do not to go register I probably should... it was a good article.